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Start of Life Journal

Posted on 2018-09-01

English is important in many aspects: writing papers, chating with foreigners, reading materials and so on. A good way to learn and practice English is writing life journals in English. I heard that the best way to learn something is to bring it to your life.

However, writing is not enough to learn English. Talking is at least as important as writing. We should develop a habbit of using English everywhere. Speak, speak and speak. Speak everywhere, home, chating, and report. Increase our vocabulary, by memorizing and speaking, using Shanbei or others. Chant English poems in morning with pure emotion. Watch English programs like CGTN or English movies.

English is just one thing, and there are something more important. Life does not last forever. In fact, there are not so many days for us, so each day is worth to memorize and cherish. When we write life journals, the important things of a day are kept in documents. Experience of our life is memorized by writing, and when we write, we have some new experience. This is a complementary process: the experience in life is indeed a writing process, and writing is indeed a process of experience. We should experience with writing attitude, and write with life experience. Experience is Writing, Writing is Experience.

Let it be, Live with Heart.

This is my Life Journal.