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Thoughts of Research

Posted on 2018-10-10

This days is busy but peaceful, which is my ideal life. If one is in one state, it will be very difficult for him to change his state, whether his current state is good or not. Habit can help us in some conditions, but it can also be harmful. Insisting originates from habbit, however, idleness also originates from habit. One thing we must keep in mind is that we should be the master of habit, not its slave. When we are in a good state, we must keep it, and prepare some strategies to help us return to this state on other days. When we are in a bad state, we must insist on escaping from it, no matter how comfortable it makes us feel. It is the heart of a man that is the most precious thing.

Many strange thoughts come to me these days, maybe useful or useless. The Dao, what is the real meaning, not knowing everything but to know everything, it is life itself and always grows, changes and updates itself. Why all masters do not tell you what it really is? Can it be understood by teaching? Because it is all yourself, others can not help you. It is not only thinking, but also needs a bulk of practice, a lot of pain, a lot of setbacks and a lot of puzzles. You must know that everything others tell you can be false, and the world can be wrong. You must think by yourself. Others can tell you, but they can not help you to know the feeling that all is wrong, all is right, all is all. If they tell you what Dao is, then you think you know, then you will not experience all kinds of feelings even you know the world is wrong, then you are far away from Dao.

The research is a process of finding optimization inspirations from a subset of the whole questions, i.e. given examples in detail. Then you can extract the rules to form a theory, optimize and extend to a more general one. Writing papers is not only a work of summarization but also output and display. More significantly, it is a process to sublimate your work and build a theory that is more tough, strict and general. Innovation is to find out something that everyone neglects or misunderstands.

Many papers originate from a simple idea, a special insight. But they never say it out, they hide it from the sights of all. Because they need to make it complicated, add unnecessary complexity, and make others think their work is so hard to be touched. A good writer, teller, teacher, researcher, should be the one to make complicated things simple, not to make simple things complicated. Many things are really complex, but they can be simplified, as much as possible.